About Us

PORTMORE SELF-HELP DISABILITY ORGRANIZATION (PSDO) is a registered non-profit charitable body which is designed to improve

the quality of lives for persons living with disabilities in Portmore, the wider St Catherine and Jamaica. We advocate for the rights, welfare,

equal opportunity to independent living and development of persons living with disabilities to boost their social well-being.


With the constant high level of unemployment for persons living with disability, the academic underachievement,and of course, the present economic milieu,

that acts as a constant barrier, preventing the disability community from being successful, undoubtedly, the (PSDO) is the place that provides meaningful

liberation for such persons within Portmore and its wider environs.


We are one of the most active non-profit bodies in Jamaica and the only one of its kind that is based in the municipality of Portmore. Our operations are

overseen by a broad of directors which comprise of eighty percent of its executives being persons with disabilities.


PSDO holds its monthly meetings every third 3rd Saturday at the Portmore Heart Academy and invites all representatives and stakeholders from different

organizations to take part. We share, educate, and sensitize on the need for further improvement in alleviating some of the conditions faced by persons in

the disabled community.


The organization depend on donations and fund-raising to effectively carry out its operations. We currently operate from a rented facility with two voluntary

staff, who address the daily needs and challenges of our members and the body, in order to implement income generating and sustainable projects.

Executing these procedures will subsequently increase financial independence among members.


Upon registering a scramming process was used to gather personal information which was recorded and locked within our data base. This information is

used to guide us towards developing and researching the needs of our members seeing that many persons, living with a disability take years to recover. It

is our duty to assist them so that they can work towards living a normal and healthily life style with constant counseling and motivation.