Our Projects

Employment: PSDO has the highest level of employed and home bound members. Due to the nature of their disability, they would not be consider for

normal employment. As such, we deem it extremely important to encourage members to create self-start projects from home in order to increase their

independence. These includes sewing, baking, selling, and the making of bag juice, raising chicken and other poultry rearing.


Wheelchair Repair: The organization receives donation of wheelchairs from different persons and stakeholders. We are indeed most grateful and

appreciative for the assistance as it brings mobility and independence to the many disabled persons who has different injuries which includes spinal cord

etc,. We also realize that, without educating persons on the proper use of the wheelchair, they may develop additional illnesses such as foot sores, back

pain and other relating conditions over time.


Home & Hospital Visit: Most persons are disabled as a result of motor vehicle accidents and domestic violence, and are in need of special care. We find that

persons with disabilities are currently, mentoring many new victims in order to adopt to the best practices of those with similar experience. As they

demonstrate their personal challenges and how they cope without family support or being a single parent, they have proven to be a true survivor as they

move on to live a moral life.


Motivational talks in Schools: For the past 10 years we have been visiting schools, mainly in the Portmore and St. Catherine region, to educate and

sensitize students about the importance of preventing violence in school. In many circumstances, students become disabled by violent behaviour initiated

against them.


Sign Language and Remedial classes: This venture began two years ago as the organization cater for persons who are living with hearing disabilities. The

deaf community was at a disadvantage and often time would not make themselves available to participate in any of the organization activities. As such, we

saw the need to gain the services of a sign language interpreter to assist to develop communication amongst the different groups.


Sports Programs: PSDO weekly, host a sports and physical fitness programme which has become a success for us. Additionally, we have been participating

in many local races and other sporting activities which is organized and used as a method of fund-raising for the organization. These includes field events

and wheelchair basketball competitions at the international level.


Counseling Feeding & Welfare: Since, most of our members are home bound and depended heavily on the organization, the counseling Feeding & Welfare

programme has proven to be a huge success in offering much needed assistance to over three hundred (300) members, who we serve with back to school

supplies, and medication. The government has also assisted in the dependent to independent living project so that we are better able to serve and meet

our members' needs.


Job placement & Skill straining: We have realized that due to the nature of disability some persons have, it is difficult for them to be considered for a post

on a normal basis. Upon identifying these challenges, the PSDO has partner with Heart Trust-Nta and the Ministry of Labour & Social Security (MLSS) to train

our members in a skill area and provide on-the-job training opportunities for them.